From a long time ago, mixed martial arts (MMA) are, perhaps, the fastest growing sport in the world. The explosion of its most famous league, the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) and the launching of its media fighter, Conor McGregor (Ireland, 1988), to stardom, among other things, make the number of federated clubs and the investments of the brands in this sport grow exponentially year after year. The perfect example is the Reebok brand, which signed a contract of 70 million euros to be the only visible mark in the UFC matches for the next 6 years.

In Spain things are different, and although there are more federated fighters, the scarce economic and media support makes sporting events of this type increasingly scarce.

Alex Sanz (Valencia, 1992) is one of these MMA fighters. Champion of Spain in 2016, currently competes in the category of 66 kg of weight to be able to get new titles that make him raise the federative level. Days before the fighting, many of these fighters stop eating, drinking and doing physical activities To adjust to this weight and this makes them lose quickly the extra pounds that they can compete.

Sacrifice, respect or commitment are concepts, apparently, linked to this type of sport that takes to the limit the physique of the athletes who practice it. Some in search of personal success, others for making money and the rest simply for growing their ego.

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