British Prime Minister Theresa May confirmed in January 2017 that «Brexit» will leave the United Kingdom out of the common market …

London is preparing for a radical change. The strong restrictive measures on immigration issues prevent, in the coming years, a 39% decrease in contracts for people coming from outside the United Kingdom. As May says, «we don’t want anyone to take jobs away from the British.»

London’s “Street Markets” are well known, not only by the English, but by the millions of tourists who visit the city every year. Portobello, Camden or Brick Lane Market are some of the best known. The quality of their products, the color they bring to the city or the large number of tourists who visit them, are some of the qualities that make them unique and essential.

But at this point … What is the relationship between «Brexit» and «Street Markets»? According to a recent study, 48% of the licenses of the stalls in street markets, are of people NOT born in the United Kingdom…



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