Morocco constantly lives on an imaginary line…

Since the reign of Mohamed VI began in 1999, the country has not recorded a single year with negative growth rates. Neither the international crisis of 008-2009 nor the Arab Spring have managed to slow down its economic dynamism.

But its consolidated economic growth (together with Colombia and Peru are the emerging countries that have grown the most in recent years) is not enough to alleviate the incredible deficiencies registered in other areas, such as culture or the social sphere.

In addition to the constant problems in the Rif region or the eternal conflict in Western Sahara with its continuous human rights violations, there are also problems such as migratory crises, the violation of women’s rights or the constant state conflicts on related issues. to freedom of expression and the press.

There is no doubt that, with the 2011 tweaks to the Constitution, they made the Alawite monarchy one of the most liberal in the Arab world. But with the passage of time, the Moroccan people have realized that much remains to be done and it seems that the student revolution of 20-F has come to nothing. The promises of Mohamed VI have vanished and people seem to resign themselves to a status that does not advance and seems more and more stagnant.

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