Little Mustapha 13 years of fighting and the worst thing is that his «war» is not over yet.
At 13 years old, Mustafa gets up every morning to help his parents in a small shoe’s store in one of the streets of Shatila refugee camp, in Beirut (Lebanon), where they settled in 2013 fleeing a Syrian war. All of their houses were destroyed by enemy fire and four of his brothers died in combat.

But the nightmare of Mustapha and his family did not end with his arrival in Lebanon, the refugee child suffers from an unknown disease, undiagnosed to this day. He has serious problems with his skin and bleeds through his nose every day, often even needing transfusions. He suffers from hypohidrosis and has lost most of his hair, more than 70% vision of the left eye and practically all his teeth (except two molars).

Due to his refugee status and the sanitary conditions of the country, the child has totally restricted access to diagnosis, and treatment. Thanks to the help of UNHCR UNHCR, they got the government to make an exception and Mustapha could get a medical checkup. On February 11, 2015 and after a brief exploration, Dr. Dany Ph. Daham determined that «The child Mustapha Mohammed (born in 2005), has a genetic disorder (Ectodermal Dysplasia). Needs to be treated in an international center »

The doctors in Lebanon do not find a solution to their ailment, the time goes by and the little Mustapha gets worse and his parents desperately seek a cure for a disease that, now, nobody has been able to name him.

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