He liked being called Nando… Dad was very happy in the 90s and I think almost all the heads of small and medium-sized companies in Spain were. Maybe it was not his fault, maybe it was the pace of the economy or simply the excess of confidence that caused everything to seem beautiful economically speaking.

My father’s company was an important and recognized factory in the world of construction nationwide. Their income, their workers on the payroll… This was certified. I was little, I saw my father happy and with a spectacular vitality.

In 2015 there was only a vague memory and some photo album that confirmed what I say. The company lost its workers and the income was no longer the same.

At the age of 63, my father left the car, the company dinners and his boss’s schedule, to take the van, the frozen bread and the endless working days…

Despite this, my father liked that they kept calling him… Nando.

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