Opened for the first time in 1969 and covering an area of ​​29.5 hectares, Plänterwald was the only constant amusement park in the GDR (German Democratic Republic).

In 1991 and after lengthy negotiations the company “Spreepark Berlin GmbH” was awarded the park for an unpublished figure. They installed new attractions and made it a reference in the world of amusement parks. They managed to bill 1.5 million dollars annually.

In Berlin they built a large number of amusement parks and Spreepark began to lose steam. A severe crisis in the sector and poor business management meant that only 400,000 people visited the site in 1999. In 2001 Spreepark GmbH declared bankruptcy.

In a last attempt to re-float the park, Norbert Witte moves to Peru. He founded an amusement park in Lima but in 2002 he was forced to close it due to constant debts and a serious smuggling case. Norbert and his son Marcel Witte were sentenced to several years in prison for attempting to transfer 180 kg of cocaine from Peru to Germany within the attraction of the flying carpet.

The park had debts amounting to 11 million euros and in 2002 it was declared insolvent and the land was abandoned to its fate …

Today Spreepark is still deserted, only the huge Ferris wheel that moves slowly by the wind and emits a gloomy sound remains The perfect soundtrack for a park that was everything and is now nothing…

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